Cafe Yumm, How to make your Fairbanks Trip Affordable, and Travel Tip of the Day!

Cafe Yumm

My favorite place to go for lunch when I’m at the Portland(PDX) airport is Cafe Yumm.This Cafe specializes in rice bowls and adds a special house sauce into the bowl. The sauce is called yumm, and its pretty yummy!!! They give airport employees a 10 percent discount. If you’ve never been to Oregon, this is a great food option to try on your layover. They even sell the yumm sauce at PDX so you can take the sauce home with you, and make your own yummy bowl. Here is a link below, so that you can take a look at the menu. Hope you stop here when your at PDX!

Fairbanks Trip

I have had a wanderlust for Fairbanks, Alaska, ever since I saw pictures of the beautiful Chena Hot Springs Resort. If you have to fly into Fairbanks, I would reccommend you get the Alaska Airlines visa signature card. This card allows you to take someone with you on the trip to Fairbanks for $121 round trip. The second way to cut the cost on your Fairbanks trip is when deciding on a vechicle. If you are a Costco member then I would reccommend going through them, because it will be much cheaper. FYI The roads are very well taken care of on the way to Chena Hot Springs. I would not personally upgrade to four-wheel drive, unless you plan on going off roading. The next way to cut down the cost is by staying at an air- bnb, which are way cheaper than staying at a hotel. When you get to the hot springs the fee to get in is super affordable. The ice bar tour is affordable as well. The one thing I did at the resort, that I wish I would have done when I was on the drive, was dog sledding. This was expensive at the resort, and along the way there was signs for more affordable dog sledding rides. Eating at the resort is also expensive, so I would plan on bringing your own snacks instead.

If you head back into town after a day at the resort there is a World Ice Art Championship during the winter. You get in for free if you work for the airlines or are a military member. This was really cool to experience, and if you have kids its like a giant wonderland, with ice slides and sculptures. I tried going down the slide and hurt my bum, so a good note to self if your an adult is to be careful, your not a spring chicken anymore! Lastly, there is a cute town outside of Fairbanks called North Pole. There is a shop called The Santa Claus House, and it has everything Christmas! This is a great stop if you are traveling with kids, or if you secretly want a photo with Santa yourself. Lastly, there is a really good affordable chinese restaurant in North Pole, Alaska. Who would have thunk it?! It’s called Pagoda Chinese Restaurant. Links below.

Travel Tip of The Day

Going away for a week and don’t want your suitcase to smell? Next time you travel, line dryer sheets on the bottom of your suitcase and then lay them on the top of your clothes. Dryer sheets remove static, and you can put them in your shoes to help with the smell after a long day of walking. Plus the sheets will help your clothes smell so fresh and so clean, even if you have been gone for a week.


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Stumptown Coffee, Spend Less on Your Las Vegas Trip, and a Travel Tip of The Day!

Stumptown Coffee in the Portland (PDX)Airport

I always like to ask if there is an employee discount everywhere I go at the pdx airport, because this is one of the many perks to being an airport employee, and coffee is something I buy a lot of…potentially too much of. As an employee we get a 10 percent discount at Stumptown! I decided to order a basic latte, and I have to say they make a very comforting latte. The latte makes one feel as if they were actually at a coffee shop in downtown Portland. The coffee distracts you from the busyness of the Portland Airport. During the holidays I like to get their winter cheer coffee heated up. This coffee comes as a cold brew in a cute winter carton, but in my opinion this coffee is best heated up. During the summer months, I like to get their nitro cold brew coffee. This coffee is not for weanies. This is a bold delicious flavor that in my opinion doesn’t need any cream or sugar. Some friendly advise is not to bring your cold brew onto the airplane. This to-go nitro coffee looks like your bringing a to-go porter beer onto the plane. My overall review on stumptown at the Portland airport, is that its a must stop for people who don’t live in Oregon, they will get a taste of what a true northwest coffee shop is all about. To learn more about Stumptown coffee roasters click on the link below.

Spend Less on Your Las Vegas trip

Some fun/cheap things I like to do on my Las Vegas trips is to have a treat yo-self day! Vegas is so busy and its nice to get away from everything and head to the spa. ¬†Usually most of the casinos have spas, but I have only been to the Venetian Canyon Ranch Spa. I usually get the day pass, which is more affordable than any of the spa packages. ¬†The day pass is usually around $40 and you get to use the various saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and the gym. Then when your done at the spa you can get ready there and then head to the strip. I usually like to play the penny slots at any of the casinos, and wait to get my free drink before leaving. After getting your free drink, its nice to just walk the strip and people watch. On my last trip to Las Vegas, I decided to walk to the Linq and explore the promenade. There is an observation wheel that is the worlds tallest observation wheel. This would be fun to go on, or if you don’t want to spend the money its just a great view at night, and a nice picture. The last thing I like to do on all of my trips is to find a new food place. I needed a pick me up from all the walking I did, so I decided to go check out Sprinkles Cupcakes. Sprinkles Cupcakes has a cupcake ATM for all of you cupcake lovers out there! Hope you have some new ideas for your Las Vegas trip!The links are below! Enjoy!

Travel Tip of The Day!

One thing that I have learned to have on hand when traveling is ginger candies. First of all they are delicious, but try not to eat the whole bag… Most importantly, they are a natural antioxidant and help with nausea. If you feel like something is coming on or you have an upset stomach about flying, this is a great treat to bring on the airplane with you. I really like the original chimes ginger chews. There is also ginger gum you can buy if your not a sweets person. You can pick up chimes ginger chews at pdx before security at Elephants Deli. You can also learn more about the health benefits on the link below.

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